Forage Legume

Lotononis or Zornia ??

an herbasceaous Crotalarieae from Eldoret, Kenya, photo © by Michael Plagens

Found growing among gravel on a path adjacent to agricultural fields near Eldoret, Kenya, Africa. October 2010.

FLOWERS: Bright yellow-orange with broad banner petal appearing dorsal. In spikes of one or few flowers. About 1 cm wide.
fruit subtended by paired bracts, photo © Michael Plagens
LEAVES: Leaves are three- or four-foliate. Fine bristle-like hairs, especially along margins.

HERB: Woody crown, but above ground portions herbaceous and mostly very low, creeping along ground, prostrate.

FRUIT: Small, apparently one-seeded pods are enclosed in a pair of leafy bracts.

UNARMED: no thorns.

Based on the characters this legume may belong to the tribe Crotalareae or Dalbergeae. I seek enlightenment from anyone familiar with this species.

Fabaceae -- Bean Family

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