Frog Fruit

Phyla nodiflora

Phyla nodiflora by Michael Plagens

Among short grass and weeds near edge of Lake Baringo, Kenya, East Africa. Oct. 2016.

LEAVES: Leaves some what fleshy and obovate. Margins toothed especially at end. Opposite leaves.

HERB: Usually grows along the ground, vine-like, sometimes forming mats. Roots develop at the nodes where they are in contact with the soil.

FLOWERS: Pale lavender or pink flowers appear in short compact spikes. The flowers are 2 mm in diameter and on spikes from 1 to 5 cm long.

RANGE: This is an exotic plant originally from tropical America and now has a pantropical distribution especially in disturbed moist soils.

FRUIT: Spikes densely packed with small fleshy capsules.


Verbenaceae -- Vervain Family

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