Wild Pepper

Piper umbellatum

Wild Pepper, Piper umbellatum, photo © by Michael Plagens

Observed among border vegetation at Kakamega Forest, Kenya. December 2014. Typical leaf at left, inflorescence and newly unfolding leaf at right.

The huge soft flexible leaves are are nearly circular but have a deeply cordate base. They are aromatic when crushed. The flowers which are white and very small are arrayed on spikes. This is a slightly woody plant of forest understory.

Wild Piper, Piper umbellatum, photo © Mike Plagens

Piperaceae -- Pepper Family

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Cape Wild Pepper

Wild Piper, Piper capensis, photo © Mike Plagens

This is a related species with smaller, narrower leaves. Flowers are similar: white, minute and packed into dense spikes.

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