Hedgehog Sage

Pycnostachys #2

a mint, Pycnostachys sp. with prickly inflorescence from Kenya, photo © by Michael Plagens

Roadside through Gatamaiyo Forest, Nakuru County, Kenya. Oct. 2016.

LEAVES: The opposite, elliptical leaves have serrations along margins and prominent veins.

HERBACEOUS: Herbaceous growth reaching a meter plus from several stems growing in a clump. Lower portions are suffrutescent. The stems are strongly four-angled in cross-section.

FLOWERS: A closely packed spike of pale lavender flowers. After flowering the bracts elongate and become sharp with long bristles.

RANGE: This specimen at a roadside through moist forest. There are several Pycnostachys species native to East Africa.

FRUIT: Each spike produces several dozen capsules.

ARMED: The maturing flower spikes become sharp with bristles.

Lamiaceae -- Mint Family

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Kenya Natural History
Mint Family: Lamiaceae

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