Rhus natalensis ??

Sumac, Rhus natalensis, from Kenya, photo © by Michael Plagens

This shrub with fruit was found at Iten, Kenya, Africa. January 2012.

SHRUB: Medium-sized shrub or small tree with shiny, dark green leaves.

FLOWERS: The flowers have small greenish-white petals, but are borne in large, showy clusters called panicles.

LEAVES: The shiny, smooth leaves are compound with three leaflets. The leaflet tips usually taper to a point.

RANGE: This is the most common and widespread of several sumac species found in Kenya. R. natalensis ranges from the coast to the highlands in open areas and forest edges.

FRUIT: The fruits are fleshy berries sought as food by birds and occasionally humans. They are about 5mm in diameter.

UNARMED. However, many sumacs have irritating resins.

Anacardiaceae -- Sumac Family

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