Lasianthus kilimandscharicus (?)

Lasianthus species by Michael Plagens

Mt. Kenya Forest Preserve, Kirinyaga County, Kenya. 01 June 2017.

LEAVES: The elliptical leaves are dark green and opposite on the stems and with smooth margins. On the stem between the two leaves there are distinct acuminate stipules (see image below).

TREE: A small tree or shrub growing in the understory of moist montane woods.

FLOWERS: Small white flowers with four petals are borne singly in the leaf axils. The petals appear fringed due to long, dense pubescence.

RANGE: There are a number of species of Lasianthus distributed across Africa.

FRUIT: None seen, but presumably a bluish berry with multiple seeds.


Lasianthus species by Michael Plagens

Rubiaceae -- Coffee Family

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