Blood Lily

Scadoxus multiflorus

Blood Lily, Scadoxus multiflorus, photo © by Michael Plagens

Observed at Saiwa Swamp, n.e. of Kitale Kenya. April 2011.

close-up of inflorescence, Scadoxus multiflorus, photo © Michael Plagens The large spherical ball represents up to 150 smaller flowers all opened at once. Being spectacular and common, this plant has garnered a number of colloquial names and has also been brought into cultivation. The inflorescence is supported on a thick, succulent stem and the leaves are broadly elliptic.

In the image at left is a non-blooming plant in the foreground with a rosette of broadly elliptic leaves. The common fireball (another common name) arises from an adjacent plant.

Amaryllidaceae -- Amaryllis Family

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