Bristle Grass

Setaria sp.

Setaria sp. in Kenya, photo © by Michael Plagens

Observed growing as a weed in a Kitale garden, Kenya. January 2014.

From Wikipedia: Setaria is a genus of plants in the Poaceae family. The name is derived from the Latin word seta, meaning "bristle" or "hair", which refers to the bristly spikelets. The genus includes over 100 species distributed throughout the tropical and subtropical world, and members are commonly known as foxtail or bristle grasses. Several species are cultivated for food or as animal fodder, such as foxtail millet (S. italica) and korali (S. pumila), while others are agricultural weeds. Setaria viridis is currently being developed as a genetic model system for bioenergy grasses. Thus every species, including weeds, should be maintained extant as a possible resource for genetic imporovments of economic forms!

Poaceae -- Grass Family

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