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Pinwheel Jasmine


Tabernaemontana in cultivation from Kenya, photo © by Michael Plagens

This shrub was found growing near Malindi and is likely part of a horticultural garden. Kenya, Africa. January 2012.

SHRUB: Medium-sized shrub or small tree with dark, evergreen leaves.

FLOWERS: The flowers have five, bright-white petals that appear twisted about the center point. Add that the flowers are very fragrant and you have an attractive plant sought for by gardeners.

LEAVES: The shiny, smooth leaves are opposite on the stems and will exude milky sap when broken.

RANGE: There are many species of Tabernaemontana found throughout the tropics and horticulturists have moved many of them around the world to enhance their gardens. My photo lacks sufficient detail to identify exactly which species or cultivar.

FRUIT: Each flower produces two pods joined at their base.


Apocynaceae -- Dogbane Family

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