Triumfetta sp.

Triumfetta species, photo by Michael Plagens

Along side a sunny path near farmland, Eldoret, Kenya. January 2012. Mark Hyde provided the generic identificaton.

What, I believe, is a second species of this same genus, Triumfetta:

Triumfetta from South Nandi Forest, Kenya, photo © Michael Plagens

LEAVES: The leaf texture is conspicuously reticulated between the veins. As with many Tiliaceae there are three main veins and in this case many of the leaves have three lobes. The margins are irregularly toothed.

leaf detail of a Triumfetta sp., photo © Michael Plagens HERB: The species shown here was mostly herbaceous, but the basal portions might have been woody. The newer stems are reddish and have a thick mat of branched, stellate hairs - magnifier needed to see.

FLOWERS: The flowers are yellow with five free petals and numerous stamens; these are arranged into a vertical cluster around the pistil.

RANGE: There are many Triumfetta species and no doubt their range is increased by movement of the seeds in the bur.

FRUIT: A small red to brownish sphere covered with numerous, short projections; within are several seeds.

UNARMED: Small hooks at ends of small projections on fruit.

Tiliaceae -- Linden Family
now included in Malvaceae

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