African Clover
Erasmus Clover

Trifolium africanum

flowers and leaf of African Clower, Trifolium africanum, Kenya, photo © by Michael Plagens

Observed growing in turf area at Eldoret, Kenya. January 2014.

FLOWERS: Groups of small flowers are grouped into a compact spherical head atop a elongated stem.

HERB: Mostly herbaceous plant often growing low after being grazed by ungulates or cut by a mower.

LEAVES: Leaves are compound with three ovatedleaflets. Leaflets have serrated margins and there is often paler markings on the leaf.

RANGE: This native plant may have become widely distributed in Africa because of attempts to use it in forage pasture. This plant appears similar to the temperate clover, Trifolium repens.

FRUIT: The bean pods are small and have typically just one bean inside.


A very small butterfly, Actizera stellata, was found associated with this clover patch. The small slug-like larvae are to be looked for feeding upon the leaves:

Clover Blue

Clover Blue

Fabaceae -- Bean Family -- Paplionoideae - Typical Bean Family

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