False Umbrella Thorn

Vachellia reficiens
(Acacia reficiens)

Habit of Vachellia reficiens, False Umbrella Thorn Acacia, Kenya, photo © by Michael Plagens Thorns, inflorescence and leaf of Vachelia Acacia reficiens, Kenya, photo © by Michael Plagens

Observed near Lake Baringo, Rift Valley, Kenya. October 2016.

FLOWERS: Spherical heads of small white flowers and yellow stamens.

TREE: Small tree, 3 to 5 m, with a broad umbrell-shaped crown. Bark is gray-brown, rough.

LEAVES: Leaves are twice compound with the ultimate segments quite small and numbering four or six sets of 10 pairs. The leaves appear feathery.

RANGE: This tree is found at semi-arid, rocky habitats at lower elevations.

FRUIT: The flattened, flexible bean pods are brown.

ARMED. The strong, paired spines are sharp and curved.

Fabaceae -- Bean Family -- Mimosoideae - Mimosa Sub-Family

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