Purple Top

Verbena bonariensis

Purple Top, Verbena bonariensis, by Michael Plagens

Photographed at Uhuru Gardens in Nairobi, Kenya. March 2013. A stink bug is feeding on the developing fruits and is very similar to one found on Cyathula.

LEAVES: Elongate elyptic to triangular leaves. The margins are toothed. Opposite leaves.

HERB: Verbaceous plants with distinctly square stems. Mostly less than 1½m tall.

FLOWERS: Purple flowers are packed into densely packed spikes and there are several spikes arrayed together at the top of each plant. Bracts below the flowers are cast with purple color. The corollas are weakly bilaterally symetrical.

RANGE: This is an introduced plant and is sometimes weedy or invasive. Native to South America.



Verbenaceae -- Vervain Family

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