Acalyptrate Fly

an Acalyptrate fly from Eldoret, Kenya, Oct. 2010. Photo © by Michael Plagens

Observed in a garden near ponds and stream at Naiberi River Camp, Eldoret, Kenya, October 2010. It is approx. 5 mm in length.

Besides elephants, giraffes and lions, East Africa also hosts a nearly infinite number of small, even minute, wildlife species that live in forests and gardens. Although they do not seem so romantic to study and watch, there is so much that is unknown, that any careful observation is likely to turn up new information and yet more mysteries about our natural world. This insect might live its larval stage (worm-like maggot) as a parasitoid, in dead vegetation, in dung or else some sort of fruit. The discoveries await.

Acalyptratae -- Diptera

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