Naiberi River Camp, Eldoret

Outdoor seating area at Naiberi River Camp photo © by Michael Plagens

A relaxing lunch can be enjoyed at a rustic table nestled near the trees as you view colorful sunbirds and exotic barbets.

Open view from dining area at Naiberi River Camp photo © by Michael Plagens

Birds and a natural garden are all around as guests enjoy meals on the veranda.

Insect Life:

Blue Drop Wing  Yellow Pansy  Dotted Border  Common Leopard  Pyrgomorph Grasshopper 


Striped Skink

Some Plants:

Weeping Bottlebrush  Bracelet Honey Myrtle  Castor Oil Plant  Mupfununu  Mexican Sunflower 

Naiberi River Camp and Resort is 18 km southeast of Eldoret, Kenya, off the old Eldoret-Eldama Ravine Road. Transportation is by taxi or by matatu from Eldoret. Matatus going to the town of Kaptagat pass by Naiberi and it is a short 400 m walk from the road into the resort property. The resort offers good food, resort rooms, camping spots and walkways through the gardens. Many trees and shrubs attract birds and butterflies in abundance.

More Information:

Some Common Birds (thumbnails):

Hadada Ibis, © Michael Plagens  Laughing Dove, photo © Michael Plagens  Speckled Mouse Bird, photo © Michael Plagens  Cinnamon-chested Bee-eater, photo © Michael Plagens  Common Bulbul © Michael Plagens  Barn Swallow, Hirundo rustica, © Michael Plagens  African Pied Wagtail, © Michael Plagens  Mountain Wagtail, © Michael Plagens  Olive Thrush © Michael Plagens  Cape Robin-Chat © Michael Plagens  African Dusky Flycatcher © Michael Plagens  Common Fiscal, photo © Michael Plagens  Pied Crow, Corvus albus, © Michael Plagens  Grey-headed Sparrow, © Michael Plagens  Rufous Sparrow, © Michael Plagens  Baglafecht Weaver, © Michael Plagens  Streaky Seed-eater, Serinus striolatus, © Michael Plagens  Red-cheeked Cordon-bleu, Uraeginthus bengalus, © Michael Plagens  Variable Sunbird, © Michael Plagens

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