Bathroom Moth Fly
Filter Fly

Clogmia albipunctata

a bathroom filter fly, Clogmia albipunctata, family Psychodidae, from Nairobi, Kenya. Photo © by Michael Plagens

Observed close to a septic system at a guest house in Nairobi, Kenya, January 2012. This is a harmless species.

Psychodidae are a diverse family of small flies that appear to be more like a small moth. A dense coat of setae (hairs) on the body and wings give them this appearance. Most species are harmless associates of man's wastewater systems; they often live in drain pipes, soil soaked with splashing gray water or in the trickle filters used to treat wastewater. A subfamily of moth flies called sandflies, however, Phlebotiminae, are blood suckers and are also vectors of human disease. People not trained as entomologists would have trouble distinguishing the types.

Clogia albipunctata has a world-wide distribution, probably aided by migrating humans.

Psychodidae -- Moth Fly Family

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