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Flat-footed Fly

Platypezidae ??

an small black and white fly with oversized red eyes from Eldoret, Kenya. Photo © by Michael Plagens

This insect is about 4mm in length. It appears to be a platypezid. Observed in a small-scale garden at Eldoret, Kenya, January 2012.

This fly suggested to me a relation to the Platypezidae. If a dipterist happens upon this page I hope that he or she will e-mail me a clue as to the identity.

Most platypezids are associated with fungi and this photo was taken during the dry season. Mushroom fruiting bodies are scarce at this time of year in Eldoret so it might be that this fly is not at all a member of the flat-footed fly family.

Platypezidae -- Flat-footed Fly Family

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