Blue-legged Stinkbug

G? sp?

a Pentatomidae with blue legs, from Eldoret, Kenya. Photo © by Michael Plagens

Observed at Eldoret Kenya. December 2013. Most insect species in Kenya do not have common English names; 'Blue-Legged Stinkbug' is my suggestion. It is about 10mm long. It was found possibly feeding on fruits of Bitter Apple Nightshade (Solanum incanum).

This handsome insect is a kind of stink bug which feeds by inserting piercing-sucking mouthparts into developing fruits or young plant shoots and with a powerful pump extracts fluids. The fruits, and especially the seeds, may wither or become secondarily infected by molds as a result of this feeding activity. As of Jan 1st, 2022, there were 163 of the approximately 1100 African pentatomids posted to iNaturalist. This one requires more research to determine the genus and species!

Pentatomidae -- Stinkbug Family

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