Fruit Fly

a Tephritidae Fly observed in Nairobi, Kenya. Photo © by Michael Plagens

Nairobi, Kenya, December 2015. Length is about 3 mm. It is alighted on a leaf where it was displaying.

The immature stages of Tephritoid Flies, like all flies, are worm-like larvae, often referred to as maggots. Some species tunnel in fruit, others in rotting vegetation, some in carrion, while others are parasitic on other insects. Each species has a unique life cycle, and many are of economic importance if they attack commercial fruits.

Tephritoidea -- Fruit Fly Super-Family

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adult fruit fly in display mode photo © Michael Plagens   A picture-wing fruit fly, f. Tephritidae, photo © Michael Plagens  A possible signal fly, f. Tephritidae, photo © Michael Plagens

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