Common Fiscal

Common Fiscal, photo © Michael Plagens

Common and conspicuous bird of farmlands and suburbs. Sharply black and white. Heavy, black bill.

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Common Fiscal (juv)

Juvenile Common Fiscal, © Michael Plagens

Juvenile, immature fiscal is brown and very light gray. Grasslands and pastures.

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Long-tailed Fiscal

Long-tailed Fiscal, photo © Michael Plagens

Open grassland with scattered trees is habitat for this white, black, and gray bird. Hooked beak and long tail.

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Gray-backed Fiscal

Grey-backed Fiscal © Michael Plagens

Larger than common fiscal and with a distinct gray cap extending down back like a hood. Strong, hooked beak.

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Mackinnon's Shrike

Mackinnon's Fiscal © Michael Plagens

There is a white stripe above the black mask on the face. Tail rather long. Western Kenya forests.

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Northern White-crowned Shrike

Eurocephalus rueppelli © Michael Plagens

Stocky black-and-white bird often working in groups preying on large insects.

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Tropical Boubou

Tropical Boubou © Michael Plagens

Black-and-white bicolored bird with heavy beak for hunting large insects and small herps from vegetation.

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Brown-crowned Tchagra

Brown-crowned Tchagra, Tchagra australis © Michael Plagens

Head is alternately stiped with white, brick red and gray-brown. Strong bill with slight hook at tip.

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Northern Puffback

Northern Puffback, Dryoscopus gambensis, © Michael Plagens

Breeding males can raise a pompom of white feathers on the back. Orange-red eyes on a white and back plumaged bird.

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White-crested Helmet-shrike

White-crested Helmet-shrike, Prionops plumatus, © Michael Plagens

Small, plain brown bird with a slender bill. Very active gleaner of insects from tree foliage.

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Sulfur-breasted Bush-shrike

Sulfur-breasted Bush-Shrike photo © Michael Plagens

Brilliantly colored predator of large insects and small reptiles.

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Black-headed Gonolek

Poor pic of a gonolek © Michael Plagens

Stunning bird with bright red belly and black head and back. Strong bill for preying on large insects.

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Kenya Natural History

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