Variable Sunbird ♂

Variable Sunbird, © Michael Plagens

Probably the most common sunbird. Yellow on belly may be dull or bright. Sharply curved bill used for flowers.

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Amethyst Sunbird ♀

Female Amethyst Sunbird, © Michael Plagens

Dark streaks on pale yellow breast and with long curved bill for getting nectar.

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Bronzy Sunbird

Bronze Sunbird © Michael Plagens

Plumage is largely glossy black with shimmers of green and gold. Male has very long tail with two longer streamer feathers.

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Tacazze Sunbird

Tacazze Sunbird © Michael Plagens

Brilliant gold and magenta colors of male depend on light direction. Long bill and tail.

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Beautiful Sunbird ♂

Beautiful Sunbird © Michael Plagens

Males present a rainbow of colors and a pair of long streamer feathers.

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Double-collared Sunbird ♂

Male possible Eastern Double Collared Sunbird, © Michael Plagens

A bright red band on the chest above gray belly. Head and back are iridescent blue-green.

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Golden-winged Sunbird ♂

Golden-winged Sunbird © Michael Plagens

Bright golden-wings against black and irridescent plumage identifies the males.

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