Khaki Weed
Creeping Chaff-weed

Alternanthera pungens ?

Alternanthera, a weedy plant found growing among gravel in a driveway, Eldoret, Kenya, photo © by Michael Plagens

Herbaceous plant growing flat against ground near Eldoret, Kenya, Africa. April 2011.

HERB: Herbaceous plant creeping along the ground. Roots form at soil contact points giving this weedy plant many footholds.

FLOWERS: The flowers are set within closely packed, brownish, papery scales that harden a bit and become sharp. Without colorful petals.

LEAVES: Leaves are broadly ellyptic to almost round.

RANGE: This plant is native to tropical America and must have been introduced along with agricultural plants. Look for it on pastures and in gardens.

FRUIT: Small seeds enclosed singly in each small ovary.

ARMED. The scale-like bracts of the inflorescence are rather sharp-tipped.

Amaranthaceae -- Amaranth Family

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