Khaki Weed

this plant grows prostrate on soil. Alternanthera, Amaranthaceae, photo © Michael Plagens

Tan, scaley-looking flowers on small plant that grows flat against soil. Broadly elyptic leaves are dark green.

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spiny seeded amaranth, photo © Michael Plagens

Scrambling to prostrate herb with light brown clusters of spiny seeds. This one found at Saiwa Swamp near Kitale.

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Cyathula #2

Cyathula cylindrica, Amaranthaceae, photo © Michael Plagens

Shrubby plant with long, scrambling branches. Inflorescence and developing seeds less prickly than #1.

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Forest Burr

Pupalia lappacea, Amaranthaceae, photo © Michael Plagens

Scrambling plant in secondary forest. Long tough stems with opposite leaves and burr seed heads.

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Aerva lanata

Aerva lanata, Amaranthaceae, photo © Michael Plagens

Low slightly woody stems, spreading and prostrate. Flowers white in closely packed spikes. Leaves ovoid to elliptic.

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Aerva leucura

Aerva leucura, Amaranthaceae, photo © Michael Plagens

Stems reaching to 1.5 m from a woody base and topped with silvery white spikes of wooly inflorescences.

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Pupalia lappacea, Amaranthaceae, photo © Michael Plagens

Scrambling leafy plant with long snakey spikes of sharp burr-seeds.

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Prickly Chaff Flower

Prickly garden weed. Achyranthes, Amaranthaceae, photo © Michael Plagens

Spikes of small pink and green flowers followed by a tough prickly stem. Fruit is a single-seeded achene. Common weed in gardens.

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vegetable garden amaranth, Amaranthaceae, photo © Michael Plagens

Tall, leafy green plant used as a pot herb. Triangular leaves w/ prominent veins. Terminal flowers are numerous, small, green and crowded with bracts.

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Prickly Amaranth

Spiny amaranth, Amaranthaceae, photo © Michael Plagens

Mostly herbaceous and growing prostrate. Leaf tips and leaf axils with sharp prickles. Flowers green set in short spikes.

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Kenya Natural History

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updated 02 Aug. 2017.

By no means am I an expert on the Natural History of Kenya because I am a novice exploring this part of the World. Some of these identifications might be wrong! By creating a page for the species as I encounter them I am teaching myself, sharing with others and I'm happy to receive feedback from web site visitors.