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Argyreia nervosa

a robust, exotic morning-glory, Argyreia nervosa, from Kenya, photo © by Michael Plagens

Growing among a tangle of trees and shrubs in the riverine vegetation adjacent to the Sosiani River, Eldoret, Kenya, Africa. December 2012.

WOODY VINE: The thick stems ascend up and over trees and shrubs reaching several meters in length..

FLOWERS: The flowers are rose-purple and are large, the limb 5 to 10cm in diameter. The sepals are linear. The inflorescence consists of several flowers clustered at the ends of lateral branches.

LEAVES: Very large leaves are glossy green on the top surface and more or less woolly below. The base is cordate and the tips pointed or blunt. young stems.

RANGE: This is an exotic plant native to India and has been planted in many locations around the Tropics.

FRUIT: The fruits are dry capsules with typically four large seeds which contain psychoactive compounds and should be considered toxic.


Convolvulaceae -- Morning-Glory Family

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