an ornamental morning-glory, possibly exotic and invasive in East Africa, photo © Michael Plagens

Large, showy tubular-funnel-form flowers on herbaceous vines. Often cultivated on fences.

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Obscure Morning Glory

Better name would be the Pastel Morning Glory, photo © Michael Plagens

Dark green, heart-shaped leaves. Various shades of yellow possible. Throat might sometimes with purple tint.

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Mile-a-Minute Vine

Morning glory with palmately compound leaves, photo © Michael Plagens

Leaves are distinct - palmately lobed. Widely distributed Kenya and the world. Flowers may be white also.

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Scrub Morning Glory

A xerically-adapted Morning-glory, Ipomoea spathulata, from scrublands in Kenya photo © Michael Plagens

Grows as straggling shrub in savanna/scrub lands. Large, white, pink-centered morning-glory with thick, almost succulent, heart-shaped leaves.

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Elephant Creeper

Argyreia nervosa, a robust morning glory from India, photo © Michael Plagens

Robust scrambling vine with large, glossy heart-shaped leaves. Exotic import from India. Reportedly medicinal.

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Astripomoea, a leafy ground cover, photo © Michael Plagens

Upright herb without twining stems in sandy soil and apparently resistant to grazing animals. Leaves triangular with zig-zag teeth.

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Morning Glory

ipomoea with palmately lobed leaves, photo © Michael Plagens

Stems are weakly twining as they grow prostrate among savanna ground layer plants.

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Sweet Potato

Sweet Potato, Ipomoea batatas, photo © Michael Plagens

This member of the Morning-Glory family came originally from tropical America.

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Kenyan Morning Glory

Golden Dodder, Cuscuta sp., photo © Michael Plagens

Succulent shrub forming low clumps in savanna habitat. Leaves linear and stems silvery.

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Morning Glory #8

Ipomoea morning-glory, a leafy vine, photo © Michael Plagens

The flower limb and tube are nearly white and the vary narrow throat is purple. Deeply heart-shaped leaves.

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Arrowleaf Bindweed

Bindweed, Convolvulus sagittatus photo © Michael Plagens

Slender vines trail on ground and twist around other plants. Small white or pastel flowers.

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Dwarf Morning Glory

Dwarf Morning Glory, Evolvulus alsinoides, photo © Michael Plagens

Sky blue flowers with white centers about a centimeter across on low herbacous, non-twining stems.

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Dichondra, a leafy ground cover, photo © Michael Plagens

Prostrate herb with distinctly heart-shaped leaves. Flowers obscure. Often used as ground cover.

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Golden Dodder, Cuscuta sp., photo © Michael Plagens

Bright orange climbing stems without chlorophyl and without leaves. Small white flowers in clusters. Parasitic. Sometimes placed into a separate family, Cuscutaceae.

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Kenya Natural History

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