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Mile-a-Minute Vine

Ipomoea cairica

a morning-glory with palmate leaves, Ipomoea cairica, from Kenya, photo © by Michael Plagens

To the west of Eldoret near the Sosiani River, Kenya, Africa. December 2012.

VINE: Mostly herbaceous, fast-growing vine ascending up and over nearby plants reaching several meters in length..

FLOWERS: The flowers are lavender to white and relatively large.

LEAVES: The leaves are divided into about six or seven segments radiating from a center point, i.e. they are palmately divided.

RANGE: This plant has been dispersed by man far and wide so that its origin is now obscure. It is commmon in Kenya's highlands.

FRUIT: The fruits are dry capsules with typically four seeds.


Convolvulaceae -- Morning-Glory Family

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