Ipomoea spathulata

a convolvulaceae, probably Ipomoea spathulata, photo © by Michael Plagens

On a rocky basaltic flow adjacent to Chebloch Gorge, Kerio Valley, Kenya, Africa. October 2010.

Tortoise beetles of several species are very often found on species of morning-glory where they feed upon the leaves. Follow the thumb link for more information about these arthropod associates.

a decorated tortoise Beetle, Cassidinae, photo © Michael Plagens

LEAVES: The large, broad leaves are heart-shaped. Blades are thick and moderately succulent.

SHRUB: Unlike many morning-glories, this species grows as straggling shrub with several upright stems reaching perhaps a meter in height. The young stems and leaves are clothed in dense, silvery pubescence.

FLOWERS: The large funnel-shaped flowers are pale pink or purple with a darker center and throat.

RANGE: This species is commonly found in savanna and scrubland habitats, especially where grazing pressure is high. It is reported from many localities in northern East Africa.

FRUIT: The spherical capsules have four valves and usually four large seeds.

UNARMED: No thorns.

nearly mature fruit capsules of a convolvulaceae, probably Ipomoea spathulata, photo © by Michael Plagens

Convolvulaceae -- Morning-Glory Family

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