a succulent milkweed, photo © Michael Plagens

This milkweed has the appearance of a cactus. One meter tall near Lake Baringo.

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Milkweed Vine

a Milkweed Vine from Kerio View, photo © Michael Plagens

Vine with pairs of very long, slender pods. Seed with long silky hairs. Milky sap from breaks.

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a Milkweed Vine from near Lake Elementaita, photo © Michael Plagens

A slender vine with elliptic to heart-shaped leaves and small white and green flowers in umbels. Milky sap. Fruits have sparse fleshy projections.

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Milkweed vine with large leaves, Pergularia daemia, from Kitale, photo © Michael Plagens

Large, heart-shaped leaves on vine with umbels of white flowers. Fruit (not shown) with bulbs and warts.

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Apple of Sodom

a Milkweed from near Lake Baringo, photo © Michael Plagens

Large robust milkweed with big thick leaves and purple star-shaped flowers. Large globular seed pods.

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Fishnet Milkweed

Eldoret, Kenya, photo © Michael Plagens

Many-stemmed milkweed of moist soil and having fruits covered with long, stiff, hair-like projections. Flowers pale purple.

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Milkweed Shrub

Gomphocarpus stenophyllus, a grazing-tolerant Milkweed shrub from near Eldoret, photo © Michael Plagens

Woody shrub, 2m tall with linear leaves and sparse woody stems. Rift Valley highlands on grazed, rocky slope.

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Narrow-leaved Cotton-bush

Milkweed, Gomphocarpus fruiticosus, photo © Michael Plagens

The inflated fruits have a distinct beak at tip and numerous purplish hair-like appendages.

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Kenya Natural History

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