Apple of Sodom

Calotropis procera

Calotropis procera plant photo © by Michael Plagens

Likely Calotropis procera. Adjacent to the Nakuru-Sigor Road at Lake Baringo, Rift Valley Province, Kenya. 9 October 2010.

fruit of Calotropis procera plant photo © by Michael Plagens

Milkweed plants are common in many parts of Kenya because of severe over grazing by cattle and goats. Milkweed plants contain sticky latex plus heart poisons that prevent most mammalian herbivory. Once a pasture land is covered mostly with these and other toxic plants the carrying capacity for grazing animals is severely reduced.

photo © Michael Plagens

Asclepiadaceae -- Milkweed Family
(now included in the Apocynaceae -- Dogbane Family)

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