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Orange Cestrum
Orange Jessamine

Cestrum aurantiacum

Cestrum aurantiacum from near Kitale, Rift Valley, Kenya, photo © by Michael Plagens

Observed on the grounds of the Kitale Museum, Kitale, Rift Valley, Kenya, Africa. January 2012.

This beautiful, but toxic, plant is yet another exotic introduction to Kenya. The fruit contains seeds that could become dispersed by animals that feed upon them. Given that this is a novel plant for some frugivores, it's possible that they will be sickened by this plant that is toxic to many vertebrates. It is a woody shrub or small tree and has been marketed with the appealing, but misleading name "Orange Jessamine." The flowers are scented like citrus. It should not be planted in Kenya.

Solanaceae -- Nightshade Family

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