K. prittwitzii ?

a succulent, Kalanchoe prittwitzii, photo © by Michael Plagens

Found on shallow, rocky soil west of Eldoret, Kenya. December 2013. Elevation 2100m.

FLOWERS: The flowers have four, yellow, petals with long attenuate tips. Flowers are borne in clusters on a tall, slender stalk reaching a meter tall.

SUCCULENT: Thick, succulent leaves are crowded on stem just above the ground.

LEAVES: Leaves are deltoid in shape and have shallow, rounded teeth. Most of the leaves are clustered near ground level.

RANGE: Many species of Kalanchoe are identified from Kenya. The name K. prittwitzii appears in Agnew (2013) but is not resolved in the botanical taxonomy databases.

FRUIT: Dry capsules.


Crassulaceae -- Sedum or Orpine Family

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Kalanchoe sp. prob. prittwitzii from near Eldoret © by Michael Plagens

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