Kalanchoe prittwitzii photo © Wikimedia Contributer Haplochromis

Succulent leaves are in a rosette at ground level. Four yellow petals. Clusters of flowers on a tall flower stalk almost a meter tall. Keyed to K. prittwitzii.

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Kalanchoe #2

Kalanchoe densiflora ? #2 photo © Michael Plagens

Dense clusters of orange-pink flowers at apex of succulent plant. Large, leathery and thick leaves with scalloped margins.

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Kalanchoe #4

Kalanchoe from west Kenya photo © Michael Plagens

Succulent with eliptical leaves and clusters of yellow flowers on a tall stalk.

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Kalanchoe lanceolata

Kalanchoe lanceolata photo © Michael Plagens

Less succulent, with leaves thinner and lance-shaped. Dense clusters of orange-yellow flowers are at ends of branches.

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Kalanchoe prolifera

Kalanchoe prolifera photo © Michael Plagens

Robust succulent with usually one main stem and thick compound leaves.

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Umbilicus sp photo © Michael Plagens

Small succulent with leaves attached near center and with spikes of pendulous vase-shaped flowers.

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Minute Jade Plant

Crassula schimperi photo © Michael Plagens

Minute succulent growing in exposed rocky areas. Less than 10 cm tall forming mats. Opposite triangular leaves.

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Jade Plant

Crassula ovata photo © Michael Plagens

Popular house plant native to South Africa but growing in Kenyan gardens and waste places. Thick, succulent leaves.

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Crassula sarmentosa photo © Michael Plagens

Popular succulent from South Africa that grows well in Kenya's temperate mountain areas. Toothed leaves.

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Crassula cotyledonis photo © Michael Plagens

Robust succulent from South Africa that grows well in Kenya's temperate mountain areas. Large, ashy-green, thick leaves.

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Kenya Natural History

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