Sycamore Fig

Fruit of Cape Fig in a Nairobi garden, photo © Michael Plagens

Medium to large tree with big, smooth green leaves and thick heavy limbs. Clusters of 4cm dia. fruit are borne in clusters on short branchlets arising from main branches.

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Cape Fig

fruiting fig, Ficus thonningii, photo © Michael Plagens

Elyptical leaves exude milky sap when torn. Fruit globular on hanging stems. Ovate leaves. Tree large at maturity.

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Bark-Cloth Fig

Bark-cloth Fig, Ficus thonningii, photo © Michael Plagens

A strangler fig that begins as an epiphyte. Bark smooth, gray. Fruits in leaf axils.

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Weeping Fig

weeping fig, Ficus benjamina, photo © Michael Plagens

Varieties of this tree, native to India, with variegated white and green leaves are popular in gardens.

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Indian Banyan Tree

Indian Banyan, Ficus benghalensis, photo © Michael Plagens

Aerial roots become additional trunks to support a huge spreading tree. Large, glossy leaves.

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Jack Fruit

Jack Fruit, Artocarpus heterophyllus, photo © Michael Plagens

Large tree with big shiny leaves and very large fruits covered with pyramidal bumps. Cultivated in warm, humid areas.

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Kenya Natural History

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