Phyllanthus odontodenius ?

Phyllanthus in Kenya, photo © by Michael Plagens

Observed in partial shade of secondary growth woods, Nairobi, Kenya. July 2014.

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Phyllanthus sp photo by Michael Plagens  Phyllanthus sp. photo by Michael Plagens
Phyllanthus in Kenya, photo © by Michael Plagens

PERENNIAL: Mostly herbaceous with very slender horizonatal branches which resemble compound leaves. Plant less than 50 cm tall.

FLOWERS: Small white flowers which are on the undersides of the horizontal branchlets.

LEAVES: Leaves are numerous, ovoid, and closely spaced along the horizontal branchlets. There are also minute scale-like leaves along the same branches.

RANGE: Reported from temperate-climate areas in Kenya and mostly in the understory of open wooded areas.

FRUIT: The seeds are contained in small, three-parted capsules.

UNARMED. Without thorns.

Phyllanthaceae -recently moved from Euphorbiaceae -- Spurge Family

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