Shrubby Dock

Rumex usambarensis in the buckwheat family, polygonaceae, photo © Michael Plagens

This is a shrubby version of the familiar sheep sorrel. Small pink flowers give rise to showy fruit with pink wings.

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Comb-Fruit Dock

Rumex nepalensis photo © Michael Plagens

The margins of the nutlets bare numerous hooked appendages. Moist soil herb.

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Knotweed, Persicaria lapathifolia ?, photo © Michael Plagens

Spikes of pink to white flowers on mostly herbaceous plant of wet or submerged soil. Leaves lance-shaped.

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Knotweed #2

Knotweed, Persicaria senegalensis?, photo © Michael Plagens

Spikes of white or pale pink flowers. Plant of damp soil and with leaves that are broader and with soft pubescence.

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Black Bindweed

black bindweed, Polygonum convolvulus, photo © Michael Plagens

Twining plant with heart-shaped leaves and small green-white flowers.

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Three Corner Nut

Oxygonum sinuatum photo © Michael Plagens

Herbaceous weed with long, slender, stems. Elyptical leaves with wavy margins. Seeds with three sharp corners. Small pale flowers.

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Oxygonum #2

Oxygonum stuhlmannii ?, photo © Michael Plagens

Similar to the previous one, but with leaves deeply lobed.

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Kenya Natural History

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