A fern, Doryopteris concolor, photo © Michael Plagens

Tufted fern. No flowers or fruit. The fronds are roughly triangular in outline.

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Azolla Fern

Floating Fern, Azolla,  photo © Michael Plagens

Minute floating ferns resembling duckweeds. Color can range from red to green.

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Cliffbrake Fern

East African Juniper, Juniperus procera, photo © Michael Plagens

Leaflets tough and leathery with smooth waxy upper surface. Grows out of cracks in rock faces.

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Weeping Fern

An epiphytic fern, Lepisorus sp, photo © Michael Plagens

Widely cultivated but also native species. Grows upon trees or from breaks in cliff faces.

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Maidenhair Fern

Asplenium sp. photo © Michael Plagens

Many species of delicate Asplenium ferns epiphytic on tree branches or rock faces. Also known as spleenworts.

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Asplenium species with rooting from apex of frond, photo © Michael Plagens

Epiphytic fern. Reproduces vegetatively by rooting at terminus of fronds. Moist forest understory.

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Wood Fern

A wood fern, Dryopteris sp, photo © Michael Plagens

This fern was growing from a crevice on a rocky hilltop in western Kenya.

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A Brake fern, Pteris sp, photo © Michael Plagens

Robust, meter-tall fern in moist forest. Sori on underside of blades.

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Bracken Fern, Pteridium aquilinum, photo © Michael Plagens

Fern with worldwide distribution found on dryish, infertile soil. Thrice pinnately divided fronds.

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Scaly Tree Fern

A tree fern, Cyatheaceae, photo © Michael Plagens

A tree-size fern in moist forest of Mt. Kenya area.

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Scaly Tree Fern

A promitive vascular plant, Lycopodium, photo © Michael Plagens

These ancient plants grow in moist shady areas with feathery, bifurcating branching stems.

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Kenya Natural History

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