Prickliest Nightshade

Solanum aculeatissimum

Prickliest Nightshade, Solanum aculeatissimum, Kenya, photo © by Michael Plagens

Observed among roadside vegetation north of Kabarnet, Tugen Hills, Kenya, Africa. Dec 2015.

flower of Solanum aculeatissimum photo © Michael Plagens

LEAVES: The pinnately divided leaves are armed with sharp spines which are especially numerous on the midrib and supporting stems below.

HERB: The above ground portions were mostly herbaceous.

FLOWERS: The white, or lavender-tinged flowers are borne in small clusters.

RANGE: Widely distributed in Africa with some variation in the density of spines, flower color, and shape of the leaves.

FRUIT: A spherical berry with many seeds is yellow when ripe. It is toxic to grazing mammals.


Solanaceae -- Nightshade Family

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