Stinging Nettle

Massai Stinging Nettle, Urtica massaica, photo © Michael Plagens

Robust herbaceous plant with broad, serrated leaves. All foliage is beset with needle-like spines that sting!

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Pilea microphylla, photo © Michael Plagens

Mat-forming herb with rather succulent stems. Very small flowers with papery scales. Introduced.

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Nilgiri Nettle

a robust stinging nettle from Asia, Girardinia diversifolia, photo © Michael Plagens

Large leaves with deeply cleft lobes and abundance of big stinging hairs. Flowers very small, white.

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Laportea alatipes photo © Michael Plagens

Robust herb of disturbed soil in moist forest. Fan-shaped bracts under female flowers and stinging hairs.

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False Nettle

Boehmeria macrophylla photo © Michael Plagens

This shrubby plant of rain forest areas has small clusters of green flowers on long, pendulous stems.

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Kenya Natural History

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