Viola eminii

Montane Violet, Viola eminii, slopes of Mt. Kenya, photo © by Michael Plagens

Mt. Kenya Forest Reserve, Kimunye, Kirinyaga County, Kenya. 01 June 2017. The identitiy of this plant was kindly provided by Marco Schmidt.

Hannington's Fritillary

Hannington's Fritillary

Most violet species are to be found in the temperate areas of the Northern Hemisphere. They tend to grow in shady or part-shady places such as woodlands or forest edges. There are many beautiful varieties that are popular as garden plants. A few species are found in mountainous areas of Kenya.

There is a group of equally beautiful butterflies called Fritillaries. These golden brown butterflies flecked with silver are closely associated with violets because they are the required food plant for the caterpillars. On the slopes of Mt. Kenya Hennington's Fritillary uses this violet's leaves. It is possible that the portion of the leaf missing was consumed by the caterpillar to this butterfly. Use the thumb-link at left for more information about this butterfly.

Violaceae -- Violet Family

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