Ross's Turaco

Ross's Turaco, photo © Michael Plagens

Large blue-black fruit-eater with a red crest and a bright yellow bill. Western Kenya forests and forest edges.

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White-crested Turaco

White-crested Turaco photo © Michael Plagens

A large, striking bird with a broad dark tail. Fruit trees in lower hotter areas of western Kenya.

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Purple-crested Turaco

Purple-crested Turaco, © Michael Plagens

Poor picture of an uncommon turaco. Purple crown and red encircling the eye on this large bird are clear enough.

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Hartlaub's Turaco

Hartlaub's Turaco photo © Michael Plagens

Red in wings shows in flight. White and red crescents around the eyes. Big, broad black tail.

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Great Blue Turaco

Great Blue Turaco photo © Michael Plagens

Unmistakeable very large bird of lowland rain forest. Black crest and very large dark tail. Bill is yellow.

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White-bellied Go-Away-Bird

White-bellied Go Away Bird photo © Michael Plagens

Large bird with a long tail and distinct white belly and dark chest/head. Occasional pest in orchards.

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Eastern Plantain-Eater

Eastern Plantain-eater photo © Michael Plagens

Large gray bird with big tail and and white wing bar visible in-flight. Bill is yellow.

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Kenya Natural History

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