Silver Dollar Tree

Eucalyptus cinerea photo © Michael Plagens

Leaves on young trees are broadly elyptic to orbicular and ashy gray-green with stem-clasping bases. Small, fast growing gum tree.

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Red-flower Gum

non-native red-flower gum (Eucalyptus)from Australian photo © Michael Plagens

The bright red flowers distinguish this from the many other introduced species of Australian gum trees.

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Gray Ironbark

Eucalyptus paniculata photo © Michael Plagens

Bark is gray to dark gray and deeply furrowed. Leaves lance shaped. Flowers white.

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Bracelet Honey Myrtle

Australian import, Melaleuca armillaris,  photo © Michael Plagens

Non-native forest and ornamental tree widely planted in Kenyan. Almost linear leaves and spikes of snowy-white flowers.

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Weeping Bottle Brush

Australian import, weeping bottle brush photo © Michael Plagens

Non-native ornamental tree widely planted in Kenyan gardens. Hanging branches and long spikes of flowers with showy stamens.

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Brush Box

another Australian Tree, Lophostemon confertus, photo © Michael Plagens

Exotic tree from Austalia with white flowers and gum-tree like fruit. Large elyptic leaves with smooth margins.

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pure white blossom of Guava, Psidium guajava, photo © Michael Plagens

Large broadly elyptical leaves. Flowers with numerous stamens. Bark smooth with patchy coloration.

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Kenya Natural History

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updated 22 September 2014

By no means am I an expert on the Natural History of Kenya. In fact, I am so new to exploring this part of the World, that I am quite an amature. By creating a page for the species as I learn them I am teaching myself, sharing with others, and happy to receive feedback from web site visitors.