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Nairobi National Park

Nairobi National Park, photo © by Michael Plagens
Nairobi National Park photo © by Michael Plagens


Nile Crocodile  Serrated Terrapin  Leopard Tortoise 

Nairobi National Park was my first introduction to the wildlife of Africa and it did not disappoint. Lions, many types of antelope, giraffe, zebra and many, many bird species were readily seen. Accustomed to many tourists riding in vehicles, the animals are often visible and can be easily photographed and studied.

Exiting your tour vehicle is not allowed in most areas of the park for safety of both people and animals. Tourists could carry microbes on their persons that although harmless to them could become epidemic among the park's mammals. By remaining inside their vehicles such exposures are minimized. Also, once a person exits a vehicle many animals become alarmed and run away - you will actually see more by staying in the car.


Hartebeest  Burchel's Zebra  Giraffe  Thompson's Gazelle  Serval  African Lion  Common Eland  Vervet Monkey  Warthog  Grant's Gazelle  Reedbuck 

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