Birding at Nairobi National Park

birds at a waterhole in Nairobi National Park photo © by Michael Plagens

Watering holes can draw large number of birds of many species. Nairobi National Park, Oct. 2010.

Butterflies and other Insects:

Dark Blue Pansy  African Caper White  African Wood White  Blister Beetle 

More Birds

Pied Babbler  Common Sandpiper  Black-headed Heron  Grey Heron  White-browed Sparrow-weaver  Cinnamon-chested Bunting  Pin-tailed Whydah  Blacksmith Lapwing  African Pipit  Wood Sandpiper  Stout Cisticola  Superb Starling  Tawny Eagle  White-bellied Bustard  Helmeted Guineafowl 

Birding from a safari vehicle while touring Nairobi National Park can be very productive. After a full day it is not unreasonable to expect to see more than 100 species. There are many different habitats within the park: savanna with scattered trees and shrubs, upland forest, riverine forest gallery and marshy wetlands. Species counts are maximized by visiting each. Birds have many predators and so are normally wary of any threat. People inside cars normally do not elicit the flight response so with good binoculars the naturalist can observe bird behavior without disturbing them. A few of the more common birds are shown here. Click on the thumb images below for more information.


Grey-crowned Crane  Sacred Ibis  White-backed Vulture  Ruppell's Griffon Vulture  Striped Swallow  Purple Swamphen  Egyptian Goose  Red-collared Widowbird  African Citril  Hadada Ibis  African Pied Wagtail, © Michael Plagens  Baglafect Weaver  Common Fiscal  Malachite Kingfisher  Speckled Mouse Bird, photo © Michael Plagens  Common Bulbul  Common Ostrich  Marabou Stork  African Spoonbill  Augur Buzzard  Spur-winged Lapwing  Reed Cormorant  Long-tailed Fiscal  Red-billed Oxpecker  Cattle Egret  Great Egret  Brown-crowned Tchagra  Red-cheeked Cordon-bleu 

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