Menangai Crater

Lava Fields and Geothermal Plants at Menangai Crater, Kenya, photo © by Michael Plagens

View from the rim of Menangai Crater, Rift Valley, Kenya. March 2013.

Flora and Fauna:

Tropical Boubou  African Stone Chat  African Stone Chat female  Protea  Purple Grenadier  African Pipit 

The Rift Valley is a split in the continent of Africa and as it widens or shifts volcanos and molten lava may occasionally erupt from the Earth. Menangai Crater was left after a violent eruption about 8000 years ago (Wikipedia). Eruptions in this area have occurred repeatedly over the past 200,000 years. There is a road and a hiking trail to a view point high on the rim that passes through farmland and mostly eucalyptus forest. Rocky basalt areas are vegetated by acacia scrub while the rim supports higher altitude flora. Grassland and pasture are also habitat types here. Access is via the city of Nakuru where many travel conveniences are available.

Flora and Fauna (Thumb Links)

Silver Dollar Tree  Yellow-star Grass  Gray Stink Bug  Slant-faced Grasshopper  Common Bulbul  Bronze Sunbird 

Electricity generation from Geothermal, Kenya, photo © by Michael Plagens 

Electricity is generated by tapping the residual heat that lies close to the surface on the floor of the crater. Through bore holes water is pumped in and re-emerges as steam that turns turbines.

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