City Park (Nairobi)

City Park is also the location of the Murumbi Peace Memorial photo © by Michael Plagens

Many Kilometers of trails offer paths for joggers, marathon trainers or strolling nature lovers. For security it is best to walk in a group.


Speckled Mouse Bird, photo © Michael Plagens  African Pied Wagtail, © Michael Plagens  Baglafect Weaver  Common Bulbul  Common Fiscal  Skink  Vervet Monkey  Hadada Ibis  Striped Skink  Gray-headed Sparrow

City Park consists of a mixture of native forest trees, cultivated gardens and open spaces for recreation. It is located off Limuru Road between Parklands and Muthaiga, less than 10 minutes from the Central Business District of Nairobi. The park is one of the oldest in the city, having been established in the 1930's. There are several paths through the forest and gardens, which radiate from a large central grass and bandstand. In addition to the precious patch of natural forest, there are several sites of national and historical importance within the park. [From the information pamphlet produced by Friends of City Park.]

Plants, Butterflies and other Insects:

Dragonfly Kenya © Michael Plagens  Widespread and common African Butterfly, Junonia terea, © Michael Plagens  Driver Ant  Spiney Orb Weaver  Pea Blue  Black-eyed Susan Vine 

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